Participants of ai4industry won the All the Agents (ATAC) challenge

Mahda Noura, Valentin Siegert and Martin Gaedke submitted an agent architecture to a Semantic Web challenge, based on what they learnt during ai4industry 2021. The purpose of this challenge, the All the Agents (ATAC) challenge was to evaluate the state-of-the-art of agent technologies for the Semantic Web. Their paper, “WAT: Autonomous Hypermedia-driven Web Agents for Web of Things Devices“, was reviewed by a jury of five senior scholars on their use of Semantic Web technologies, as well as on the ability of agents to react dynamically to changes and to interact with each other.

Out of six submissions, the jury considered WAT the most advanced submission. WAT uses the JaCaMo multi-agent oriented programming paradigm to integrate Linked-Data-Fu, for crawling RDF statements about the physical world, and the W3C Thing Description standard, to communicate with cyber-physical systems that can act on the physical world.

Congratulations to them!

The proceedings of the ATAC challenge, with all six submissions, have just been published on

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